Kírópraktík fyrir börn

Jeannie earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota, USA. In addition, she has advanced training in pediatrics, craniosacral therapy, pregnancy (including Webster certified), and nutrition.

Jeannie treats her patients holistically, looking past the main symptom and trying to find the root cause of their issue. She spends a lot of time looking at things like sleeping, breathing, digestion and feeding – which all connect to the spine. During the exam she is looking at developmental milestones. The main goal with treatment is to help the child thrive – not just in the next few weeks, but long term as they grow into adults.

“I am committed to being the very best partner for your family’s wellness care. My favorite thing to do is keep you and your family healthy and doing the things you love.”

When Jeannie is not at the clinic, she enjoys traveling, cooking, hiking, and traveling around Iceland. While I’m not originally from Iceland, it is my home since 2015 and I love living here.

Jeannie er í fæðingarorlofi.

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